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Behind the Scenes of Summer

“I don’t give a f**k if you haven’t slept for two days, just get on with it!!” is a common phrase banded about on our little island in the summer months. Whether you’re running PR for a big launch, setting up the production for an event, preparing a super villa for guests after the previous lot made you party with them until 10 minutes before they jumped on their (private) plane or just got carried away at the openings and forgot you were working the next day…ahem… there’s no sympathy in Ibiza for anyone who just can’t handle the pace. Tired guyThere’s a reason why people on the island relax in winter or disappear to the Far East. Let’s call it stocking up on the sleep bank. And energy reserves. Because the moment spring turns to summer it’s bye-bye lie-ins until at least October and hello sleep deprivation and running on fumes. But here’s the trick. You have to make it look like you’re 100% together. Anyone reading this who’s experienced working during the height of the season knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about and anyone who hasn’t… you’ve got a treat in store honey. Often those long hours and sleepless nights are totally worth it and result in something so wonderful you forget all the drama in an instant. Until the next season. Sigh… Another all too familiar scenario is you just get swept into the daily madness of clubs and parties and you leave your brain in a safe somewhere, ready to be recovered when the tourists leave and your sanity returns. Insert brainThe ‘behind the scenes’ moments in Ibiza are absolutely priceless. On the inside you can’t even remember your own name but on the outside you’re a cool, quick-thinking, chic-looking super dude with a huge smile on your face. Think 36 hour shifts and making 500 cocktails even though you don’t have the energy to speak; or dropping super villa keys down a hole just as your massively rich and demanding guests are getting off the plane; waking up God knows where when you’re due to DJ in front of thousands in 10 minutes time – then you find someone’s stolen your phone and your laptop. I had to jump over a wall once and through an open window because I was so tired I forgot the keys to the office – and was faced with the police (that one took some explaining actually…). hello mayWalking around in a state of utter confusion for a good six months is the norm for many but hey, we all still do it and despite the fact even the toughest mofos out there would melt their little tootsies off and be crying for their momma if they were chained up working inside a restaurant kitchen in August, stepping through the doors to bright blue skies, the warm wind on your face and the sound of a beat within walking distance makes it all worthwhile.


An Ibiza Love Story

Michelle RobertsonI wake up every morning and look out the window and my first thought when I see the sunshine and blue sky is: ‘Thank God I had the balls to leave Scotland to start a new life here. I love this island!’  I wanted to kick off my first blog post published on Ibiza Scope Media’s new website (woop!) by finding out what my fellow ‘giricencos’ – work it out 😉 – adore about our little paradise. The island means so, so much to so many people and while for some it means endless parties, fun and diving into the unknown, for others, Ibiza is a space of tranquillity, peace, rejuvenation and shaking off the stresses of modern-day life. ibiza in winterIt seems the general consensus is this: you can live your life exactly the way you want to on this island with an incredible mix of people surrounded by breath-taking beauty. Of course, it’s not ALL perfect and we still moan about things (my latest gripe being with shitty workmanship after a metal door fell on top of me… although that’s another story) plus there’s a ton of bureaucracy for every little admin task. The rules are never quite clear on anything, you’ll be told five different things on five different occasions in the same office, businesses set-up then promptly leave the island at an alarming rate and at some point your employer won’t pay you because they’ve run out of money. Oh, and your rent is probably sky high. San Miguel But you ride it – or let it ride you. The key that us islanders hold is perspective and positivity. Perspective being ‘I might not have as much money as I planned this winter but I’m happy and healthy – and that doesn’t have a price’ and positivity in the sense of ‘I’ve just spent four hours at Can Misses Hospital for something that could have taken five minutes… but I’m having lunch on the beach later, I don’t need to take a jacket and it’s the middle of February. Yay!’ You get what I mean?   my family Then there’s comparing how your life is here to how it was back in your homeland. For me, I miss my family, friends, Boots and H&M. That’s it. Even when I’m having a hard time, I still wouldn’t trade my little pad in the sunshine for anything. I’ve definitely grown as a person here too in last six years. Fear and negativity is no longer in my dictionary and instead, I truly believing that I can achieve whatever I want and more. I’m still contemplating what my ‘long term security plan’ is – I don’t own a property here and I don’t have a pension…eek! – but at the moment I’m pretty bloody happy just enjoying every day because you know what? The future is now, the present is short and the past somehow brought me to paradise. Amen :) Here’s what some of our island-based friends had to say about why Ibiza is so special to them… Sabrina GouretSabrina Gouret of the gorgeous restaurant Clandestino: “The most beautiful thing that you find only in Ibiza is the people. I think we are a micro-society and we’ve proven that we can really do it all together. So many nationalities, all from different cultures, yet it works so well. Indeed, it works perfectly well. We just are a pure example of a perfect society. ScChapterott Gray aka the hugely talented artist Chapter: “For the sublime natural beauty of the white isle and its colourful characters, many of whom have become dear friends. In winter both elements come to the fore. The sun shines most days, the beaches are empty and the water is crystal clear. Ibiza draws out creativity and inspires individuality.” Bruno From Ibiza Beloved and great DJ, Bruno From Ibiza: “I love Ibiza because of the weather, the nature, the open minded people, the music scene, the beaches, the food, the sun, the moon and the stars and basically because I feel happy everyday living here.” Moon Yet Talented and beautiful singer, Moon Yet: “I love Ibiza because everyone is relaxed. People always smile and seem very happy. People are blessed by the magical energy the island has. You can make friends easily with people from all over the world. People do not judge. Thank God I live in Ibiza!” Amanda MatalaveaThe wonderful concierge lady about town Amanda Matalavea: “Ibiza is a magnet (literally – Es Vedra is the third most magnetic point in the world) for people alike to live in a world of acceptance and just being. The island’s energy bursts your creativity and helps heal in many ways. Off season it’s a community and a big family that share the enjoyment of the island together in a slower paced environment before it warms up for the summer when it’s shared with millions. It’s quite simply like no place on earth. Magical in every way.  I call it LOVE.” Mitch Cake-LadyThe very creative and bubbly Mitch Cake-Lady:  “I am having trouble articulating all the wonderful things about this island in a sound bite. I guess the tranquillity of the winter versus the insanity of the summer plus all the amazing people make this my corner of paradise. But don’t tell everyone otherwise they will all want to stay forever!” Toby Clarke The island’s fantastic Walking Ibiza guru Toby Clarke: “If you learn to trust in ‘Trust’ then Ibiza will deliver, if not, the magic island has a scorpion sting in her tail!  Ibiza teaches you to be true to yourself and others, if you are fake/ dishonest/rude in any way you are sent lessons to show you the correct path. If you listen you stay, if not, you will soon be one of the many that come – and then go.”